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Kirkonkuulutukset Turussa 1813

John Thomas James kirjoitti kirjassaan Journal of a tour in Germany, Sweden, Russia, Poland in 1813-14 (Vol 1) kokomastaan jumalanpalveluksesta Turussa
On Sunday we attended divine service in the Lutheran church, for this is the prevalent religion here as in Sweden: the officiating minister, previous to his concluding prayer, read out to us with an audible voice a list of the births, deaths, and marriages of the preceding week, as we had observed elsewhere to be the usual custom. His succeesing catalogue somewhat suprised us: he recounted the sales of houses made, or about to be made, and them added the directions of the unclaimed letters now lying at the post-office, with some othe notices of a similar description: it is a singular practice, but nevertheless one that is infinitely useful in such a country as Finland; and I must add in compliment to the piety of the Fins, that certainly no other mode of publication would have given these matters an equal cahnce of notoriety.
Siis toisin kuin Ruotsissa, Turussa oli tapana loppurukouksen jälkeen luetella edellisen viikon kasteiden ja avioliittojen lisäksi myös kiinteistökaupat ja postikonttorissa odottavat kirjeet.

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