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Sotaisia uutisia joulukuussa 1713

Varsova 24.11 (London Gazette 5.12.1713): "They write from Petersburg, that an Express was arriv'd there with an Account, that the Swedish Forces in Finland had been defeated by Muscovites, but the Particulars of the Action were not known. The Czar had sent a considerable Reinforcement to his Army in that Province, and it was thought he would return thither very soon in Person."

Hampuri 15.12 (London Gazette 8.12.1713): "The Admiral of Muscovy, who commanded the Czar's Army in Finland, arriv'd on the 5th past at Petersbourg, with an Account of an Action that happen'd lately in that Province. The Swedish Army, consisting of Nine thousand Men, abandon'd Tavasthuys upon the approach of the Muscovites and retired Four Leagues from thence, posting themselves behind the River Pelkem. the Admiral follow'd them and resov'd to attack them notwithstanding their advantageous Situation, having a River and a double Entrenchment, well fortified with Palisadoes and Redoubts, before them. On each side was a great Lake, which General Galizen was order'd to pass, to the Right of the Enemy, with Six thousand Men in Boats. At the same time the Admiral attack'd their Entrenchment in three Places, and after a Fight that lasted four Hours with great Bravery on each Side, the Swedes were routed, but rallied again at a Passage call'd Damersfors, which they afterwards quitted as the Muscovites drew near, leaving the whole Province at their Discretion."

Kööpenhamina 5.12. (London Gazette 12.12.1713): "They write from Stockholm, that they had an account of the defeat of their Army in Finland by the Muscovites, upon which Orders were immediately sent to stop the Transport-Ships that were ready to set Sail with Eight thousand Men for the Province."

Hannover 15.12 (London Gazette 15.12.1713): "We have receiv'd an Account from Petersbourg, that the Muscovites lost Six hundred Men in the Late Action in Finland. The Loss of the Swedes amounts to no more that Five hundred, however they were obliged to quit their Artillery and Baggage behind them. The Muscovites by this Victory are become Masters of the whole Province, which hath obliged the Senate of Stockholm to countermand Eight thousand Men, that were ready to be transported thither."

Hampuri 22.12. (London Gazette 19.12.1713): "The number of regular Forces in Sweden, amount to no more than Fourteen thousand Men, and they are afraid to employ them against the Czar, least the King of Denmark should make a new Irruption into the Kingdom next Spring, but Measures are taken for raising Thirty thousand Men to be employ's against the Muscovites in Finland."

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