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Sotaisia uutisia heinäkuulta 1713

Hannover 30.6. (London Gazette 4.7.1713): "Part of the Muscovite Army under his Command hath passed through the Country of Saxe-Lawenburg towards Pomerania, where it is to be divided into two Bodies. [...] The other Body is to march into Finland, to augment the Czar's Army, which is to be commanded by Prince Menzikoff, and he is ordered to go thither as soon as possible, his Majesty intending to return to Petersburg."

Hannover 7.7. (London Gazette 7.7.1713): "The same Letters add, that Prince Menzikoff was gone to Berlin, and intended to set out from thence towards Finland, in order to take upon him the command of the Czar's Army in that Province"

Hampuri 11.7. (London Gazette 7.7.1713): "The Czar has made himself Master of Abo in Finland, and has obliged the Inhabitants of the whole Province to swear Homage to him. The Swedish Forces that were sent to defend that Country, are retired by Water to Stockholm. The Czar gives out, that he will follow them thither, and pursue his Conquests till he has forced the Senate of Sweden to make Peace with or without the Concurrence of the King."

Hampuri 21.7. (London Gazette 18.7.1713): "On the 23rd past the Czar arriv'd at Petersburg, where he intended to stay but a Fortnight, and then return to his Army in Finland. The Swedish Vice Admiral is arrived on the Coasts of that Province with six large Men of War, and the Rear Admiral is likewise expected with five more, and three Frigats. The Muscovite Fleet consists of twelve large Ships, and six Frigats"

Hannover 21.7. (London Gazette 18.7.1713): "They write from Petersburg, that the Czar is return'd thither, having left a strong Garrison in Abo, to secure his Conquests in Finland."

Kööpenhamina 22.7. (London Gazette 21.7.1713) :"The Master of Ship lately come in here from Riga, gives out, that the Muscovites have been entirely defeated in Finland, but as the Court has received no authentick Accounts from that Province, since the Czar's Invasion of it, we don't yet give Credit to this Report."

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