tiistai 27. joulukuuta 2011

Sotaisia uutisia kesällä 1715

Hampuri 2.7. (London Gazette 28.6.1715): "Letters from Sweden tell us, that the Hereditary Prince of Hesse Castle, as Generalissimo, had ordered 20000 Peasants to march towards Finland, to guard the Avenues on that side."

Tukholma 4.6. (London Gazette 9.7.1715): "'Tis said that immediately after that Prince's Return, Lieutenant-General Ranck will be dispatched to the King, with a Proposal for Transporting some Regiments to Finland, for which Service 'tis supposed the small Vessels which were laid under Imbargo here last Month are still detained."

Tukholma 25.6. (London Gazette 2.8.1715): "Admiral Lillie who has been appointed to cruize with his Squadron near Hangudd on the Coast of Finland, in order to observe the Motions of the Muscovites, received lately the King's Instructions to quit that Station, and accordingly on the 14th he arrived with the Ship under his Command at Carlscrona, ..."

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