tiistai 13. syyskuuta 2011

Sotaisia uutisia kesäkuussa 1713

Yllä oleva leike London Gazetten numerosta 2.6.1713. Hampurista kerrottiin päiväyksellä 9.6., että 12.5. oli Pietarista lähtenyt tsaarin johdolla pari sataa laivaa ja 18 000 miestä aseineen. Tarkoituksenaan hyökätä ensin Helsinkiin ja sitten Turkuun.

Hannoverista kerrottiin sama asia hieman toisin sanoin 13.6. ja tämä painettiin numeroon 9.6.1713: "They write from Petersbourg, that the Czar had set sail from thence towards Finland with thirty Men of War, and a great number of Transport-ships, on board of which was a considerable Body of Men designed for the Siege of Abo. It is said this Expedition of the Czar's, that hath been talk'd of for some time, hinder'd the Swedes from sending any Succour to Count Steinbock."

Hampurista 16.6.1713, lehdessä 16.6.1713: "Prince Menzikoff hath received an Express from the Czar, with Advice, that he had made himself Master of Abo and all of Finland, and Orders to follow him into Funen with Fifteen thousand Muscovites that are here. It is said they will be embark'd at Dantzick on Board the Transport Ships that carried the Czar with Eighteen thousand Men to Helsinfort, and as that Prince had a considerable Body of Troops before at Weybourg and Ingermiland, he will have in all an Army of Fifty thousand Men, with which he intends to act this Summer in Sweden, and endeavour to approach Stockholm. This hath raised a great Consternation among the Swedes, and we are assured that their Senate have resolved to assemble the four Estates of the Kingdom, in order to deliberate about making a Peace."

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