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Ruotsin terveyslähteillä 1700-luvun lopulla

Paikka Ruotsissa, jonne Suomestakin jossain määrin matkustettiin oli Medevin terveyslähde. Siellä vuonna 1784 käynyt William Coxe kuvaa kohdetta näin

At Motala, we crossed the river of the same name, which issues from the Wetter, and is not navigable for the smallest vessels, and soon arrived at Medwi, the Swedish spa.

Medwi is pleasantly situated in a gently waving and richly wooded country. The lodgeing-houses form one street of uniform wooden buildings painted red. The walks and rides are delightful, particularly to the banks of the Wetter. The waters of the Spa are vitriolic and sulphureous.

The regulations of this place seem more calculated for the accommodations of the sick who came to drink the waters, than for the company who assemble for pleasure. Between five and six in the morning the company are awakened by the ringing of a large bell, when they usually rise, drink the waters, breakfast, ride out, or walk. Precisely at twelve dinner is served in a large hall, to which all the company repair. After dinner they play at cards till five, when they take their afternoon's airing. At seven supper is served in the same hall; at nine the bell rings, the gates are shut, no carriages are admitted, and the company mostly retire to bed.

We had purposed passing a week at Medwi, but the season being past, and the company gone, excepting a few invalids, we continued our journey to Stockholm, through Linkioping and Nordkioping. (Travels into Poland, Russia, Sweden and Denmark. s. 376-377)

Elias Martinin piirros, Nationalmuseum

Käyttökauden ulkopuolella terveyslähde on siis ankea paikka. Saksalainen Carl Gottlob Küttner puolestaan poikkesi yllä näkyvässä Ramlösassa parikymmentä vuotta myöhemmin.

We went this afternoon to Ramlösa; a place about three miles from Helsingburg, celebrated for its mineral waters, and much frequented by people of rank. The spot is highly romantic: but I saw no building; except a miserable house (or rather a hall) constructed of wood, where tea, coffee, and lemonade, are served. Upon paying twelve schillings we are admitted, and obtain a right to refreshments. 

The number of persons of all classes which I saw there, was very great. The common people thronged round the house, or climbed up on the rails by which it is surrounded, to see the fine folks in and before the place. 

For my part, I cannot conceive whence all the genteel company can come, who drive to this place in splendid equipages, with two, four, and six horses. Our host informed us that they were partly from the neighbouring gentlemen's seats, and also many strangers from different parts of the kingdom, particularly Stockholm: but he could not tell where they all fine lodgings, for very few reside at Helsinburg; and as to the gentlemen's seats, I could scarcely discover from the eminences near the town, which command a tolerably extensive view, a single creditable house in all the adjacent country as far as my eye could reach. (Travels through Denmark, Sweden, Austria and Part of Italy in 1798 & 1799. 1805, s. 43)

Terveyslähteistä Suomessa voi lukea digitoituna(kin) Antero Heikkisen kirjasta Terveyden ja ilon tähden : herrasväki liikkeellä Suomessa 1700- ja 1800-luvuilla.

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