tiistai 8. marraskuuta 2011

Sotaisia uutisia toukokuulta 1714

Tukholma 5.5. (London Gazette 22.5.1714): "Letters from Carlscroon bring an Account, that on 22rd past Admiral Wattrang set sail from thence with Seven Men of War for Finland. He is to be reinforced by Two Ships more from Calmar, and Six from this Place. They write from Gottenbourg, that a Muscovite Vessel, with several Officers on Board, had been taken by one of our Men of War, and brought into that Port. We have received Advice from Finland, that the Czar had ordered a Manifesto to be published in that Province, in which he endeavours to shew that the continuation of the War can be attributed only to his Swedish Majesty."

Gottorp 26.5. (London Gazette 29.5.1714): "Letters from Copenhagen bring an Account, that a Squadron of Seven Men of War, under the Command of Monsieur Tanssen, was preparing to set sail from thence, with Two of the Czar's Frigats, in order to join the Muscovite Fleet on the Coasts of Finland, and it was thought the King of Denmark's whole Fleet would be in a readiness to put to Sea in a short time."

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