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Sotaisia uutisia vuonna 1716

Hampuri 28.4. (London Gazette 24.4.1716): "We have Advices from Petersbourg, That the Muscovites have made themselves Masters of Cujanenbourg, after a long lockade and a Bombardment. 'Tis the only Place that the Swedes remain'd possessed of in the Dutchy of Finland."

Tukhoma 25.5. (London Gazette 3.7.1716): "Some Swedish Frigates that have been lately on the Coast of Finland bring an Account, that great Preparations are making at Abo for a Descent on this Kingdom, and that the Czar's whole Fleet of Men of War from Revel, with a great Number of Troops, are daily expected there to undertake that Enterprize."

Tukholma 24.7. (London Gazette 28.8.1716): "Letters from the Northward advise, that three Officers came to Umo last Week, who made their Escape from Petersbourg, and bring an Account of Count Piper's Death: And as the same News came also lately from Dantzick, its Truth is no longer doubted. These Officers confirm the late Intelligences from Finland of the Preparations of the Muscovites at Abo, and give Reason to believe that at least 20000 Muscovites will enter the Province of Helsingland very suddenly; yet no Dispositions are hitherto made on this Side to oppose them."

Tukholma 17.11. (London Gazette 29.12.1716): "... 'tis not doubted that another Attempt will be made upon Norway; tho' 'tis more wished a Body of Troops might be employed towards Finland, it being generally believed that 8000 Men would meet with little Opposition in recovering that Dutchy; from whence some Persons are lately come privately, to sollicit such a Succour."

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