tiistai 27. syyskuuta 2011

Sotaisia uutisia elokuulta 1713

Hannover 8.8. (London Gazette 4.8.1713): "We have receiv'd advice from Petersburg, that the Czar was embarking Four thousand Horse, and as many Foot, in order to be transported to Finland, least the Sweden, having gather'd their Forces together, should be in a Condition to Attack the Muscovites in that Dutchy."

Tukholma 13.7. (London Gazette 11.8.1713):

Samassa numerossa Varsovasta 26.7. tieto "We have recieved Advice from Petersbourg, that the Czar intended to set out from thence in a few Days with a considerable Number of Troops, in order to make an entire Conquest of Finland."

Kööpenhamina 19.8. (London Gazette 22.8.) :

Varsovasta 16.8. (London Gazette 29.8.) "We have received Advice from Petersbourg, that the Czar had Ten Men of War in that Harbour, that he expected Two more from Revel, and after their arrival intended to give Battle to a Swedish Squadron lying on the Coasts of Finland."

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