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Imatran kosken esittely 1883

Ylläoleva kuva Imatrasta on Kyläkirjaston kuvalehdestä 10/1885. New Yorkissa ilmestynyt sanomalehti The Sun julkaisi numerossaan 17.9.1883 lehdestä (?) St Petersburg Novoe Vremia lainatun ja englanniksi käännetyn kuvauksen Imatran koskesta otsikolla Russia's Niagara Falls:
Who does not know and who does not love the Imatra Falls, our Niagara Falls? Since the Finland railroad has been built every St. Petersburger can easily see our wonderful waterfalls for one can make the journey there and return home on the same day. Nowadays eighty miles is a trifling distance to speak of. We only caution the travellers not to indulge in boat rowing above the falls. You must keep in your mind that a few years ago four military officers, experienced boatmen whirled down into the horrible current while attempting to cross the river above the falls. Three of them lost their lives and the fourth became a hopeless maniac ever raging on the subject of waterfalls. The crossing of the lmatra in the basket attached to a cable that runs over the falls is also not quite safe. Recently while a party of two gentleman and a lady were crossing the falls by this aerial route the cable got loose and the basket swayed down until it nearly touched the foaming water. Though saved, every one suffered serious injury.

This summer the Imatra has been visited by larger number of travellers than in any preceding year. The huge ledger of the hotel in which the visitors write their impressions is nearly filled. What a curious book it is! We fear that the majority of the names written in it are fictitious for we have never heard of "Sevenhaired", "Windowshadeoffs", "Rubbers", "Prince Asinus", "Lady Roccoco", "Asineritovitchperevitch", and other such names. The impressions of the visitors are of course worth noting. An engineer reproached the Imatra for idleness. "It is time for you Madame Imatra to give up your idleness and stop serving only to gratify the vain curiosity of idlers. You ought, at least, to drive water mills." Another engineer endorsed this opinion. An artist answers these engineers, saying: "Messrs. utilizers, listen to the voice of nature. Beauty exists for the sake of beauty. This is what the Imatra unceasingly roars." A count remarked: "I expected something better." A plebeian answered, "O Count surely you have left your golden spectacles at home." A clergyman exclaimed: "O Lord, how wonderful are Thy works!" A lady wrote: "I tried the aerial way over the waterfalls and I deeply regretted that the basket did not fall. It seems heaven shuns me and Paradise refuses to take me." Of lovers there is no end. "Ivan N. and Mary C." Serge and Anne" "How sweet it is to whisper of love while you, Imatra, roar Dan and Zina."

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