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Illallisella Torniossa

Matthew Consett: A tour through Sweden, Swedish-Lapland, Finland and Denmark (1789)
I must now relate an Adventure, though of no great importance, yet as it amused us, I shall have your pardon for so doing. In the evening a stout Finlander laid his elbows upon the window, and without much ceremony called to us frequently for brandy. We nodded to him as we were drinking our wine, while he continued to repeat his former request in his own language Anna ma vino, Hurra Kultana, "Dear Gentlemen, give me brandy." Sir H. with great good nature complied with his request, and gave him two or three glasses which he seemed to enjoy very much, but still he called, Hurra Kultana. A few glasses more were given him, which made him drop his elbow from the window, and rather grow shorter. As his legs would not bear him up, he bent his knees against the wall, and by the help of his hands he supported himself, by holding fast by the window post; but still he called, Hurra Kultana. Two glasses more were given him, till at length he could say nothing but Kultana, Kultana, and gradually sunk from the window.

When his countrymen who were standing around saw him drop, they took him carefully up and carried him away. Word, however, was soon brought that the man was so ill that they expected his throat would soon be on fire, and if he did not recover before the morning, our post horses would be stopped and our Journey prevented.

Our anxiety was removed in an hour or two's time by the man's appearance once more upon the stage. He came into the yard and began to play several anticks, and to shew us how the Bear dances in the fields.
Samassa kirjassa ihailtiin kesiyön aurinkoa:

At twelve o'clock this night we saw the Sun in full beauty. The Horizon being remarkably clear, gave us a most delightful view of that, to us, extraordinary sight. Sir H. G. L. has caused an engraving to be made of this agreeable Scene. The Inhabitants of this climate no doubt reap many advantages from this circumstance during the Summer season ; but, alas ! a long and dreary Winter reverses the scene and involves them in continual darkness. Yet this is not quite so dismal as might be imagined. The aurora borealis appears with peculiar splendor in all northern countries and supplies in some degree the place of the Sun. The stars too in their clear frosty nights shed an agreeable light, and enable them without much impediment to follow many of their ordinary occupations

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