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Suomen ranta kaksi kertaa ohitettuna.

Vuonna 1635 tapahtunutta, kirjan The voyages and travells of the ambassadors sent by Frederick Duke of Holstein, to the Great Duke of Muscovy, and the King of Persia:
begun in the year M.DC.XXXIII, and finish'd in M.DC.XXXIX : containing a compleat history of Muscovy, Tartary, Persia, and other adjacent countries : with several publick transactions reaching near the present times
Our danger and fears encreas'd till three in the afternoon, that one of the Seamen having got up into the scuttle of the sprit-sale, told us, he discover'd Hogland. We got thither by 7 at night, and cast Anchor at 19 fathom water. There we stayd the 9. and resolved, that thence-forward, Prayers should be said twice a day, to give God thanks for our deliverance the day before, from danger we could not have avoided, otherwise than by passing among the Rocks upon the Coasts of Finland, as we must have resolv'd to do, if we had not discover'd that island.
Kaksi sataa vuotta myöhemmin. Randal William MacGavock lähti matkalle keväällä 1851, päätyi Pohjolaan, mutta ohitti Suomen kaukaa. Kirjassaan A Tennessean abroad; or, Letters from Europe, Africa, and Asia (1854) hän toteaa matkalla Kronstadtiin
On the morning of the third day we entered the Gulf of Finland, which is two hundred miles long and very wide. During the day we saw one or two towns on the Finland shore, and a number of small barren islands; also numerous sails, mostly of small craft.
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On the right shore of the gulf from Cronstadt we saw the town of Oranienbaum, and a little further on, the gilded towers and park of Peterhoff, which are situated on a slight acclivity; but after they are passed the banks again become low, and present from a distance the only feature of the Finnish shores, interminable flats.

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